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This interface allows you to design an animated light show for the facade at Darling Quarter in Sydney, Australia.

Simply choose a colour then drag your mouse across the facade.

Once you have finished your frame, you can start animating:

  • Choose how long you want that frame to last (1 Second, 1/2 Second, 5 Seconds, etc)
  • Choose how you want the next frame to be (Clear it, Keep the same frame as this one, or Ghost this frame behind a clear new frame, how the pro's do it!)
  • Tap the Next button, then keep animating. You can also tap Prev to see your previous frame.

Once you have finished designing your show, which should be at least five frames and thirty seconds long, just tap Submit Show (it will tell you if anything went wrong).

Now wait for an email confirming when your show will play. Our moderators need to keep it clean, so if you have any profanity, adult themes, overuse of text, or just random colours then your show will be denied. But otherwise, we look forward to seeing your work on the largest permanent interactive light display in the world!

QR Code Visit Darling Quarter then go to darlingquarterluminous.com.au to play
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